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Green School Energy Flag

On the 2nd of March 2010, members of our Green Schools committee travelled to the Croke Park Convention Centre to collect our second Green Schools Flag! The Committee had been working hard on getting the application form just right for the Energy Flag and we were delighted to pass our inspection in December 2009.
To achieve the Energy flag, we had to continue all our recycling work and try to reduce our energy costs in the school - not an easy task!

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These are some of the things we have been doing to reduce energy consumption in our school:

· We put up Energy posters in every room asking everyone to turn off lights, shut windows and doors and turn down the heat!
· We asked everyone to reduce use of the photocopier and turn it to energy saver when not in use.
· We asked that all blinds be closed once the children had gone home to keep heat in.
· We asked that during teaching time teachers keep blinds open and lights off as much as possible.
· We put thermometers in every room to keep an eye on temperatures. If it was too hot then the teacher could turn off a radiator.

· Ms. Healy's class made energy snakes to keep the winter winds from the doors using old tights, old socks and old materials.

· We had a visit from Guzzler, the energy sucking monster, who told the children all about ways to save energy.
· We had secret inspections of classrooms during lunchtimes to check if children and teachers were trying to save energy!

· We asked that all IAWB's be turned off when not in use, not on standby.
· We put an energy saving tip in our school newsletter for parents.
· We had Energy Saving Days where we survived by candlelight(!) and sunlight with no computers, photocopier, microwaves, radios or televisions!
· Captain Energy and his brother, Captain Energy 2, visited on the Energy Day to keep up morale!!
· We had a Bring and Buy Book Sale in March which was very successful and raised over five hundred euro.

On the 11th June 2010 we will raise our second Green Schools Flag outside the school and we all can't wait!


It's June 11th 2010

Raising the Second Green Flag. The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Tallaght, Mick Duff, parents and pupils.

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